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Family Dentistry

“Treating the entire family, one smile at a time”

Our goal at Arlington Family and Cosmetic Dental Associates is to offer personalized, gentle, quality care for every phase of life. Individualized attention to each patient’s care and comfort is the hallmark of our practice.

Dr. Kelly & Dr. Arismendi offer many services to meet your specific needs and concerns.


Families often enjoy the comfort and convenience of being treated in the same office. Parents are welcomed to sit with us while we examine their children’s teeth. Children can have their teeth “tickled” with the tooth polisher while watching their favorite cartoon or seeing a video photo of their teeth on TV. Making their dental visit fun as well as informative is always our goal. While prevention is always stressed, if more advanced dental treatment is necessary, we discuss a treatment plan with parents to ensure your child’s dental health and emotional well being.


People are living longer and desire to live well and comfortably. Advances in dental techniques as well as a better understanding of oral health can enable patients to maintain their natural dentition for a lifetime. However, if a loss of dentition is inevitable, or has already occurred, modern dentistry allows us to replace teeth in a variety of ways to meet individual patient’s desires and expectations. Implants, crowns, bridges, implant supported dentures are among the options which may be right for you. A thorough exam and discussion of any potential medications and oral side effects is always a good place to start.


A healthy mouth is a reflection of a healthy body. The key to prevention is early detection. Oral cancer, decay, gum disease can be detected in its earliest stages during routine dental exams. A pleasant, healthy smile one of the first good impressions we make when meeting new people. Whether in the workplace, on interviews, or at social gatherings our smile is a first reflection of our health and confidence. We strive to help you achieve and/or maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime.

As general dentists, Dr. Kelly & Dr. Arismendi are knowledgable in all phases of dentistry. Call today and they will be happy to discuss your unique concerns.


Dentistry is more affordable than you may imagine. We always discuss your treatment needs and options which suit your budget. In addition, convenient payment plans and interest free financing are available.

Time Constraints?

We have weekend and evening and early morning hours!

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